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Oh, hey! Normally, I try to do an update with all the random pictures & happenings once a month. But I've basically be MIA for weeks on end and I keep saying I'm coming back for good and then I keep falling off the grid again. Life with three little ones is BUSY, you guys! I'm having the hardest time keeping up with laundry, bathroom cleaning, dishes on end, managing the budget, and basically just keeping everyone alive. There is so little time for blogging! But here I am making yet another attempt at playing catch-up!

These pictures are so random and this post will be so crazy and unpredictable but that's kind of like our life right now so just go with it (my motto in mom-life).

Chatbooks: our favorite books ever. the kids could peruse them for hours. sometimes they do :)

 Watching Daddy mow the lawn. I love how the simplest things excite children.

Jumping on the bed. Because sometimes you just let them be monkeys. And you kinda hope they'll just get all that crazy out. Dream on, mama.

Sometimes you find your middle child (read: trouble-maker) sitting in the ottoman just reading his book.

 When they look so cute cuddled up on Grandma's couch playing a game on the iPhone.

We had bought Jack a little skateboard a couple months ago because it was 50% off on Cartwheel for a day. We thought we'd give it to him at Christmas but the more we thought about it the more we realized he's really too young for a skateboard. And with a little rascal like Phillip who is brave enough to try anything we were worried someone (Phillip) would end up cracking their head open riding the dumb thing so we decided to take it back and think about it in a few years. Welllll. I made the mistake of taking the kids with me to return it...I sent this picture to Tom of Phillip holding onto the skateboard for dear life and told him I was pretty sure Phillip was going to be devastated when he realized I was getting rid of the skateboard:

And just as I predicted, post-returning said skateboard:

As far as he was concerned, mean Target lady stole his skateboard and was keeping it just out of his reach (but definitely in his sight) behind her counter. Hahaha it was so sad that I almost (seriously!) asked for the skateboard back to re-buy it. I'm not even kidding. But then I just took him to the One Spot and all his tears were cured with a football. ...which I took away when we got to the register hahahha. #meanmomaward

When you're a baby and you go to Grandma's house and there are 500 people who would happily hold you all day, then you're as happy as a clam.

Just sent this picture to a friend to show how Zoe is basically almost Phillip's size. I'm pretty sure she'll catch up in the next year. I'm just waiting for when people start asking me if they're twins.

In N Out hats (and cute babies wearing them) for the win.

There used to be days where I would wear Zoe in my Solly basically all day because she just wanted to be held and I just wanted to have a clean house. While I love snuggling her, luckily those days are gone and she sleeps like a rock all by herself when we swaddle her up. And then since she's well-rested she's happy as can be to hang out on the floor watching all the busyness around her.

When IHOP has $1 short stacks, you go. All other plans canceled, no questions asked.

Sometimes Santa Claus is just hanging out at Chik Fil A and asks your kids if they want to ride in his car. Obviously Scaredy Jack said no but Phillip took Santa up on that offer immediately and never wanted to leave.

PS you guys, this Santa Claus lives in our city and drives his sleigh-car around everywhere, all year long. I've seen him several times before but this is the closest I've been to his sleigh-car. There is seriously a countdown to Christmas clock built into it and everything.

This one is forever a mess. I can't keep him clean. I just can't.

Poor Daddy has been working endless hours and even once he gets home he has more work to do remotely. I'd be falling asleep working too if I worked his hours...

Target trips + my mom = two of my favorite things.

Family walks = probably one of my most favorite things in the world but a rare, rare treat.

 Little boys hanging out reading a book outside while Daddy does yard work:

Aunt Kelli came to visit in July (yes, I'm that far behind) and we kinda love her so we take one million pictures when we drop her off at the airport. Mostly to delay her and hope she misses her plane haha.

Because this little face is just so adorable and I can't even handle it sometimes. And because he is obsessed with popsicles at Grandma's house.

That one time we played soccer golf (seriously, so fun!) with our best friends before they moved away.

Speaking of said friends, we are seriously missing late game nights and darts (which we haven't played since they left probably because we are worried of having a meltdown just thinking of them while we play hahhah). PS Kelsey: Zoe misses you too!

My kids are great little shoppers. They love to go to stores and they're (generally) really well-behaved while we shop. It makes my little heart happy that my love for shopping was somehow inherited by them. Tom says they spend too much time with me at stores because they have a really serious love for shopping hahah.

Even though they're such good little troopers when we run errands, I still feel a little bit super mom-ish braving Costco with all three. I'm sure I'll laugh at myself feeling that way when I have 4 and I'll look back and say "you had it so easy back then!" but for now...Super Mom.

Okay, let's get even more honest. The reason they love the stores? There's almost always a promise of looking at the toy aisle ;)

Sometimes you have really big, serious decisions to make. Like what kind of toothpaste you want. Minions or Ninja Turtles? Or wait! There's one with a picture of a strawberry too! Don't worry, it only took him like 15 minutes. PS yes, I took him to Target in his pajamas and Batman slippers hahaha. 

Smiles for Daddy all night long the second he walks in the door. A little Daddy's girl already. Except when she's hungry. Then pass her right on over, please, and I'll take my 10 minutes of Mommy's girl time.

Our first trip to the dentist! ...for Jack & Phillip. Tom & I have been a few times before. They were both so great and no cavities! I've been cavity free my whole life (26 years strong and hoping for a world record one day!) but Daddy has had so many cavities he probably couldn't even count. So no cavities for either of them is a big win in my book as I'm so hoping they inherit Mommy's super strength teeth. And we're being so diligent with lots of brushing just in case they got Daddy's cavity-loving teeth.

Does anyone else love model homes as much as I do? We're not in the market to buy a new home anytime soon as we are still madly in love with the one we're in and we don't plan to leave until we outgrow it but still I just love model homes! Lately I've not been super impressed with the layouts of the new homes we've seen (my dream is to custom build our next home...probably not happening but a girl can dream, right?!) but I do love bits and pieces of every home. Like these floors. I mean...heart eyes for days.

This darling bedroom.

 The sweetest, cozy little family room.

 And a darling little master bedroom, although I'm not sold on that accent wall.

And to end this blog post that you thought would never end...a little snugbug:


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