Pink eye and other things.

Hey guys, remember me!? I've seriously missed blogging but I just cannot seem to find the time to sit down and bang out all these posts that I'm now so far behind on. But because we're stuck at home for the next few days due to lots & lots of pink eye and also some croup, my goal is to sort pictures & GET POSTING. Let's hope it actually happens!

This pink eye is no joke though, you guys. Jack woke up Christmas morning with an irritated eye and we weren't sure whether or not it might be pink eye. A few days later when it was still pink and then swollen we were pretty convinced so we borrowed some leftover eye drops from Jack's cousin. His pink eye went away pretty fast but then Zoe started showing signs, *sigh*. And then...I got it. I have had it for a full week now and it is not getting any better! I think it's viral so the drops really don't make a difference anyway. I've finally conceded that maybe I keep reinfecting myself with my makeup so I'm eye makeup-free today and until they (yes, they, both eyes are infected as of today GAH) clear up. When the sister missionaries came over this morning the first thing they asked was if I was doing okay - pretty sure these red swollen eyes + no makeup make me look like I've been bawling for days. Don't be fooled by the below picture. This was almost a week ago when I first got caught by the pink eye demon and the eye makeup hides a lot.

Back when they used to all be able to go to nursery/primary...

This last Sunday we popped in for Sacrament meeting but then snuck out for the last two hours of church to get these little sickies back in bed.

We infected the good people of Target last week because even with pink eye & croup (and lots of rain!) I just could. not. miss the 90% holiday clearance! Could not.

Oh and if you follow me over on insta, you know we've been having lots of sleep problems lately. But you guys...Zoe slept all night last night so HALLELUJAH.



  1. My mom swears by her "pink eye cure". All it is regular caffeinated tea steep for a really long time and let it cool. Then dab cotton balls and wash eyelids twice a day. Just be sure to not dunk a used cotton ball back in the tea so it's still pure. We always had tea in the house growing up specifically for this purpose and would use it at the first sign of pink eye. You're really okay making just one cup and using that until it's gone and you don't have to actually put it inside your eye. I hope it helps

  2. Aww you poor thing! I hope you all start feeling better.

  3. Yay I've missed your blog posts! Hope the pink eye goes away fast! But not before you've cranked out a few more posts ;)


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