Hospital part 2

Day 2 Phillip woke up looking a little better! He even ate some breakfast and watched some movies and snacked on fruit snacks & popsicles all day. My mother-in-law flew in early that morning and came straight to the hospital. She took over for me there while I went home to shower/feed Zoe/try to get some sleep!

On the way to Phillip's room when we were admitted we passed the pediatric playroom and, sick as he was, Phillip noticed it and did. not. forget. He wasn't allowed to leave his room because he was really contagious (any hospital employees who entered his room had to wear gloves/masks/robes to prevent the spread). He was SO mad when we let him get out of bed to walk around his room (good for his lungs!) but wouldn't let him leave the room. He had apparently seen a basketball hoop in the playroom and just kept crying for basketball! The child life specialist team is amazing and they found him his own personal little hoop and basketball to play in his room and you should have seen his face light up! Basketball for a few minutes wore him out and he slept a lot on day 2.

When I headed back to the hospital at night, Kelli joined me for some Bachelor-watching (thanks for getting me hooked again ha!) and some Philly-snuggling.

We were finally cracking smiles from Philly and were starting to see his little happy self come back a little bit!

Dr. Beverly came back in that night and was amazed at how well Phillip was doing. He told me several times that he did not expect him to be doing so well. He told me that his chest x-ray was so trashed and he thought for sure he would have been doing much worse tonight and would need to be put on high flow oxygen before he started to get better. He thought we would be staying 4-5 nights and was so surprised that he was telling us we might get to go home the next morning! I hadn't even realized it was such a miracle that he was doing so much better so quickly! Dr. Beverly kept saying "this really is just so remarkable. Really quite remarkable. I can't even believe it."

Night two was another long night. With how well Phillip had done during the day on low-flow oxygen they wanted to test him overnight without it. He had been pulling it out a lot so they just took it off altogether but he was constantly dipping below 90 through the night. Eventually the nurses needed to put his oxygen back on. I thought for sure this would mean we'd have to stay another night since we were originally told in order for him to go home he needed to be off oxygen for 24 hours, at least 5 of those during night sleep.

However! The next morning when the doctors did rounds they told us he could go home! I was so surprised and asked about him needing oxygen the night before but they said he'd been doing well otherwise and we don't really know if normally kids' oxygen levels dip during deep sleep so since it never went really low and since he didn't have any contractions while breathing he could go home! PARTY.

Look how much better he looks and oxygen!

He was even up for a little basketball while we waited to check out. And a little great to see his regular self coming back!

So happy to be cord-free!

Except for one more blood pressure test before going home :)

And it's so dang cute that they take the discharged kids downstairs in a wagon. I was dying and snapchatting it like crazy haha.

Philly Boy, I loved having lots of one-on-one time with you but let's not do it again this way anytime soon (or ever), okay?

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