Our Utah Vacation: Before the hospital

The kids & I took a two week trip to Utah to visit my sister/BIL and brother/SIL and some friends while Tom was traveling on business. The trip ended up basically being split into three parts: before Phillip's hospital stay, during the hospital stay (dang pneumonia!), and after the hospital stay so I'll just blog it in three parts that way haha.

So...before the hospital stay! My little brother drove with the kids & I to Utah all day Friday, got in late Friday night and while unloading the car realized my brother's suitcase was missing OOPS. We figured we left it either at the oral surgeon office where we stopped on the way out of town (just had my wisdom teeth out the week before and was suffering from dry socket, the worst by the way!!) or in the McDonald's parking lot in Winnemucca (seriously were hoping it wasn't there haha). Long story short: the suitcase was recovered several days later from, yes, the oral surgeon parking lot. Basically we figured it must have rolled away in the parking lot after we took it out to unload kids and neither of us noticed somehow! So crazy but we are so happy it was found. Still my brother had to buy an entirely new wardrobe for the two weeks we were in Utah haha!

We had made it Friday night just in time for the end of my sister's Galentine's party which I've been wanting to go to for a couple years so HOORAY. No pictures though so fail. BUT I did get a picture of Zoe with Uncle Taylor & the amazing blanket he crocheted for her and presented to us that night...we've been waiting months to see it! It had been in production for a long time ;)

Like, you guys, I'm totally serious. My BROTHER-in-law crocheted that for her! I'm blown away. 

Got to try out the hoverboards my sister & brother-in-law are stowing for his brother while he's out of the country, so much fun! I don't think Scaredy-Jack ever got brave enough to try it ;)

Tom flew into town Friday night (original plan was for him to drive with us and fly straight to NM from Utah BUT work happened and he had to work all day Friday so instead he caught a flight after work and we ended up beating him by only an hour or so haha). He basically came to town to take family pictures (SUPER SUCCESS even with sick kids and checked one off the bucket list since I've been wanting family snow pictures forever!) and to go to the Provo City Center Temple open house and then he left again on Sunday afternoon. 

The rest of the family pictures to come in a separate post!

Provo City Center Temple was gorgeous, as expected and I'm so happy we were able to show our little ones the inside of a temple! Phillip was sick the whole time but Jack was so excited!

I took Jack & Zoe to church on Sunday while Tom & Phillip both stayed home sick. After the first hour of church I realized Jack really shouldn't be there because he looked so sick and was coughing like crazy so I ended up taking him home and Zo & I finished out the last two hours...just me and my littlest Valentine ;) It's a good thing T & I aren't super into Valentine's Day (nothing against it, it's just not our favorite holiday either) because this year's made for a lame one! Three sick boys, one tired mama from being up all night with two of those sick boys, and a flight out of town for Daddy in the mid-afternoon.

And then our trip went a little bit downhill with a hospital visit/stay...more in my next post!


PS huge high five to me for blogging this within a few weeks of it actually happening!

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