One top, three ways with PinkBlush Maternity

Monday, April 18, 2016

I was so excited when Pinkblush contacted me to collaborate! I've heard so many things about Pinkblush but just never had a chance to try them out! I jumped on the opportunity and it took me forever to choose which piece I wanted from their site, everything is so darling!! I finally settled on this super cute striped/lace top/tunic. I'm a sucker for all things black & white and striped so this was a win-win for me! One thing I love about this top is it's cute & flowy with a small bump (I'm just 10 weeks right now) but definitely has room for growth and I think I can easily wear it through week 40!

Today I'm showing you three ways I styled this top. I made it super simple and kept the same jeans on and just changed out accessories to change my look.

My go-to look is my typical "momiform" - dark wash skinny jeans, a cute but comfy top (preferably loose/flowy to cover the pregnancy love handles, thanks), a simple necklace and sandals!

Oh, and guys...did I mention this top has POCKETS?! I didn't even know until I put it on and that just sealed the deal for real. #poetry

I transitioned this top to a date night outfit but changing out my sandals for heels, replacing my simple bar necklace with a statement necklace and adding a bracelet. If we're being completely honest, I actually almost never change out of my momiform for date night BUT when I'm feeling extra fancy I will throw on some heels to dress it up a bit ;)

My last outfit is perfect for going to your little one's tee ball games! PS totally dying for the day that Jack is old enough for tee ball! I will definitely be repeating this outfit for our next day out, especially if we'll be walking a lot because...tennies! I switched out my fancier statement necklace for a more subtle piece (still a statement necklace, I just love them you guys!...and always have to have a touch of girly!), threw on a chic baseball cap, and traded in my heels for way more comfy tennies. Then I tied up the end of the top in a little knot to make it a little more form-fitting. I actually surprised myself with how much I loved this look. I love the idea of baseball caps but am always so hesitant to actually wear them! Is it not weird to wear them inside?? I always feel awkward running errands with a baseball cap if I'm going to be! Is that totally fine?!


Outfit details || Top: c/o PinkBlush // Jeans: American Eagle // Bar Necklace: Charming Charlie // Statement necklace: similar // Sandals: Gap Outlet (similar) // Heels: similar // Tennies: Target

Want to win this top or something equally darling from PinkBlush? Head over to my insta (@marciwallace) to enter to win a $75 PinkBlush Maternity gift card!! What would you choose if you won? I'm dying over this zipper-front top and I could definitely use this kimono to hide some pregnancy love handles ;)

PS It's a good thing I'm not a fashion blogger because taking outfit photos is so awkward for me! If I look uncomfortable in any of these it's because I totally was haha! I don't know how fashion bloggers do it! The pictures with Zoe were so much easier for me to pose for because I'm in my element being a mom ha, not so much being a fashion model! Also, yep, sidewalk chalk on the driveway. That's probably not super acceptable in the real fashion-blogging world haha! Just roll with it, guys.

Easter 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

We had such a good Easter with our sweet littles! On Saturday night we decorated eggs with a new method we learned from a friend - just use crayons on hot, straight from the pot, hard-boiled eggs. 

It seriously was so much fun (even I loved it!) and it was not messy at all which was definitely the best part :) The boys loved coloring the eggs and I love how fast it was and there is no waiting! We've never colored eggs before because I've been so terrified of how messy dye would be with toddlers (and how well they'd even handle having to wait 3 minutes each dip ha) but doing it this way was a huge success and we'll definitely be doing it for lots of years to come! Until they learn their friends use dye and then maybe I'll be forced to switch haha!

On Sunday we went to church and I taught the nursery lesson which was the sweetest ever. It's so much fun seeing the little tiny ones getting so excited to see pictures of Jesus and learning about His resurrection. They loved rolling the stone from the tomb with the little cutouts I had and we made them repeat the word "resurrection" like 15 times haha.

I'm sad that you can't totally see the boys' matching ties with Zoe's hair bow but just trust me that her bow matches and it was so cute! Probably one of my favorite things to do is making them matching ties & hair bows! The fabric I ordered this year was so perfect, I'm obsessed with it!

We were able to snag Daddy from meetings for just a minute to take a quick family picture!

And we couldn't miss the opportunity for an Easter picture with Grandma Wallace!

Too bad I got zero pictures of it but I hosted my first ever Easter (or first ever holiday for that matter haha!), cooked my very first ham (turned out great, thank goodness!) and had so much fun. I actually love hosting and my mom is probably so glad that I do and is probably hoping I will host every year from here on out haha! Next time I'll just make sure to keep the funeral potatoes in the oven a little longer so we aren't eating them cold...oops.

And let's talk about how cute Zoe was on her first ever Easter! I think this is her last first big holiday, how has almost a year flown by so FAST?

I had actually bought her a different dress in a similar color but then I saw this one at Target the night before Easter and it was just so perfect that I snagged it and had her wear it instead haha! Too bad I already washed/dried the other one in preparation for wearing it on Easter so we'll just have to keep it as an extra dress...BUMMER ;)

LOOK AT HER YOU GUYS. So many heart eyes, I'm dying!!


I am so grateful for the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful that He Lives and He made it possible for us to live again too and be with our families forever. By far the biggest blessing in my life is knowing I get to have these little ones and my sweetest husband as mine forever.

I hope you had the happiest Easter too!



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