Styling our new Freshly Picked moccs!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that Baby Boy Wallace is due to arrive in NINE WEEKS. How did that happen!? It is seriously going to fly! Even crazier is if he is anything like Zoe, he could be here in just 5.5 weeks! Now that is seriously INSANE. Even though delivering at 36.4 was pretty nice (skipping almost a whole month of pregnancy?! Yes, please!!), I'm kind of desperately hoping baby boy stays nice and comfy in there until close to his due date because I'm pretty sure I will not be fully ready in just a little over 5 weeks, eek!

When I realized we were pretty dang close to D-Day I decided I'd better start thinking about what I wanted to pack in my hospital bag (I was TOTALLY unprepared when I went into labor with Zoe and ran through the house in a huge frenzy - stopping every 3 minutes to get through a major contraction haha - trying to pack up our hospital bags so I don't want a repeat of that, thank you). I especially wanted to lay out what I wanted to bring Baby Boy home in because a going-home outfit is kind of a big deal!!

I'm not 100% set on this outfit yet just because I have so many cute outfit/hat/blanket options BUT one thing I'm totally sold on is the Freshly Picked moccs! Normally, I don't like to put my babies in really any shoes (just socks & booties for my winter babe and bare feet for my summer ones!) just because they are usually so stiff for little baby feet and don't seem at all comfortable! But when I got these FP moccs in the mail I knew I wouldn't at all mind putting them on baby boy straight out of the womb! They are seriously BUTTER soft (I am not kidding!!) and super flexible/breathable. They basically seem the same as socks or booties!

I chose the weathered brown soft-sole moccs because they are so neutral and will seriously go with everything! Because he's going to be a fall/winter baby he will likely always have socks & these moccs on every time we go out so I wanted something that would be really transitional! These are seriously PERFECT. 

It has been a couple years since I've had a tiny baby BOY around here so I'm just dying to put him in all these little outfits I've been collecting! Seriously can't wait for another cold-weather babe! I love my summer babies but there is just something about dressing a tiny baby in warm little one-pieces and bundling them in hats & blankets!

Edited to add: I just read on FP's Instagram that they have just lowered the price of some of their classic moccs to just $49!! RUN!



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