Early January Recap

Monday, January 16, 2017

Things that happened in early January (post Luke getting released from the hospital, yay!!)

- Old Spaghetti Factory with the family before Jamie had to go back to school.

- Still rocking the matching Christmas jammies and their new matching Star Wars socks from Aunt Laurin!

- Lots of rest & relaxation and extra snuggles for our now healthy little babe!

 - Sent one of the BEST AUNTS EVER back to college. Come back soon!

- But not before we made her capture (several classy) garage door pictures. Why don't blogs have emojis? I need a laughing face here..and everywhere. It's definitely my most over-used emoji. 

- My dad came over and watched ALL 4 of the kids so I could go grocery shopping by myself (Tom was in busy season AKA never home)

 -Luke continued his non-stop crying. I hung on to my sanity by a thread. A very fine thread.

- Zoe struggled to adjust to the exhaustion of morning church. including two hours of nursery. She fell asleep at the table while eating her lunch for the first several weeks of the year. This should tell you something because she NEVER sleeps anywhere besides a crib or the car seat!

- I played creative mom for one second and built a fort. Creative Mom is not my forte.

- Luke tried out his new Johnny Jumper that he got from Grandma & Grandpa at Christmas. Zoe swings him all the time even though I've told her not to. Typical.

 More to come!! XOXO


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