Phillip is a Sunbeam!

As of January 1st, Phillip is officially a Sunbeam! No more nursery for this little boy! 

He was pretty sad the first week to go to Sunbeams and wanted to go to nursery with Zoe because he wanted a snack haha! We had to drag him into primary and leave him crying with his teacher (who used to be one of his nursery leaders awhile back so he at least knows her!) and by the time we picked him up he was fine and had fun. He went into primary totally fine this week (his second week of Sunbeams since we had Stake Conference last week) and had a good time! They sang happy birthday to him and he got to pick a present from the closet - he chose the same puzzle Jack picked for his birthday haha!

Zoe cried before church started this week because she was so sad that Phillip wasn't going to go to nursery with her anymore. But by the time nursery started she either had forgotten about it or decided she didn't care because she went in totally fine. She is so excited to go to Sunbeams next year...I don't think she quite realizes how far away "next year" is haha!

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