Bedtime is hard...but post-bedtime is so cute

We had a rough go at bedtime tonight. Zoe missed her nap today which, by the way, remind me to never do again. Phillip was a hot mess because he didn't want to eat at dinnertime then 5 min before bed he was suddenly STARVING and couldn't fathom having to wait until breakfast. Luke was throwing himself on the floor screaming for who knows what reason. And then there was Jack...sweet, angel child Jack. Did his whole nighttime routine, helped Phillip say his nighttime prayer, made no protests to Zoe's requests that he read her bedtime story, climbed under his covers the minute I said it was bedtime. 

The jury is still out on Luke right now but Phillip & Zoe sure make life entertaining while Jack makes life sweet & easy. I guess it's a good balance ;)

We can't get over how cute Zoe is lately with all her "stuff" while she sleeps. She currently sleeps with her blanket lovey, her covers, her "other covers that mommy made for me" aka her quilt, her Bun Bun lovey, her unicorn, her giraffe, her glow worm, Jessie from Toy Story (newest addition) and anything else she can scavenge like Phillip's glow worm and Jack's Mr. Bunny. The whole gang (yes, THE WHOLE GANG or "all my stuff" as she calls it) travels with her in the middle of the night from her bed to ours when she makes the switch. Every. Single. Night. We wonder how many trips it takes her to get everything from Point A to Point B but we don't usually wake up until she has moved it all in and is asking for us to arrange all her stuff by her in our bed HA. She takes up about 25% of her bed and selflessly gives up the other 75% for her dollies. She also selflessly gives up a huge portion of our bed for said dollies. Because there is soooo much extra room with two adults + three kids. I end up at the bottom of the bed every night without fail. So glad those dollies are comfy in my spot. 

And then there's Phillip. We used to find him in bed wearing masks or costumes or holding a sword or light saber. It has been awhile since I've happened upon a scene like that but the other night I went in to check on them to find him protecting the dream world with his shield ;) I can't believe there was a day when I thought I'd be happy to have all girls. This little boy stuff is so dreamy.

Here's to hoping bedtime runs a little more smoothly in a couple days come the end of yet another busy season. How many more of these will we have to endure? Because, man, I am BEAT.

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