Lukey's 15 mo check up

Lukey had his 15 mo well-child check last week. Still just a tiny human being - he's 18lb 2oz (2%) and 29.25" (2%). I think his head was somewhere around 36%.

Here are some fun facts about our Lukey at 15mo:
  • Loves to color (learned how to draw on himself while we were a the doctor and thought that was just about the funniest thing in the world)

  • He loves the trampoline, the swing, the Little Tikes truck and mostly just being outside. He stands at the back door and asks to go out often. Luckily, since we have a fenced yard, I can generally just send him out to play.
  • He loves to climb. I have to watch him carefully whenever we go to the playground because man, this kid can CLIMB. He climbs into the ottomans a lot but gets stuck because he can't climb out. I will find him on top of the playroom table, climbing on the kids' beds, climbing up step stools if they are left out, etc, etc. He will attempt to climb just about anything.
  • Loves to nurse. I don't know how I will ever wean this kid because he is so attached to nursing! My other three all weaned themselves right around a year but Luke is holding out hope that I'll let him nurse another year haha. I think I'm going to have to actually work at weaning him soon because it's not looking like he's going to do it himself. He asks multiple times a day "nurse? nurse?" and pulls on my shirt (unless he can't reach me then he will pull on his own shirt). He will even bring me my nursing cover or my cell phone (since I usually grab it before I nurse so I can do something during those 20 minutes haha) and then ask to nurse haha!
  • Sleeps 14 hours a night which is amaaaazing. And he even still takes a good 2 hour nap in the early afternoon. Probably my best little sleeper at this age, even though he was my worst for the first year.
  • When he's thirsty he will get a cup out of the cupboard and bring it to me and ask "drink?" It's amazing to me how young they can figure this stuff out.

  • He is my biggest love bug. He gives kisses and hugs any time you ask and loves to be held & cuddle.
  • His favorite songs are "if you're happy and you know it" (loves the "hooray!" part best and often will skip clapping and stomping and go straight to hooray haha), wheels on the bus (loves to do the motions, seeing him "shush" for the mommy is the cutest), and any of my made up songs...there are like 50 a day. I feel like I sing everything HAHA. Jack always asks me "did you just make that up?" I can't decide if I should be offended that it's so awful he knows I made it up or proud that he even has to ask because maybe, possibly, it's a real song LOL
  • Loves to find his belly button and say "ding dong!" He will walk around saying "ding dong" over and over while pressing on his belly button. He also knows where to find his nose and head.

  • Uses close to 40 words/phrases including: hungry, mine, all done, ball, doggy, whoa, wow, up, nurse, hi, bye, night night, uh oh, beep beep, mommy, dada, nice, drink, thank you, no, yeah, weee, oops, go, nose, belly button, ding dong, book, baby, jack jack, destiny, poopy, ice, spoon, head, grandma
  • Loves to JUMP. He will "jump" around all day saying "jump, jump." His feet never actually leave the ground but it's so cute seeing him squat all over the house haha

  • Recently discovered a love of books.
  • Loooooves, I mean LOVES, balls. Anything shaped like a ball is a ball and will be thrown. He loves to play catch and fetch and shoot baskets and sometimes "soccer."
  • Likes to drive cars around, drive them up something and have them fall off. He even makes a crashing sound when they fall.
  • Is pretty friendly with almost anyone. He will generally let strangers hold him without a problem.

  • We get so, sooo many comments everywhere we go on that RED hair. The other day I was looking something else up about red hair and found out that only 1-2% of the population has red hair. I knew it was small but I didn't know it was that small! No wonder he gets so much attention. I feel like I notice redheads everywhere now but I think it's kind of like how when you are pregnant you all of a sudden notice all the pregnant wait, when did EVERYONE become pregnant!? Haha
  • He loves to run away from mom & dad, especially when we call for him. He also loves to try to just run in general. He's still pretty wobbly when he tries to go fast and falls down a lot. We get a lot of comments on how well he is walking but I think people usually assume he is more like 8 months instead of 15mo. He walks how most 15mo olds walk (or not as well haha) but he just looks so much younger. 
  • Loves his siblings. He so far only knows how to say "Jack Jack" but if you ask where Zoe or Phillip are he will point to them. He loves to be wherever they all are, loves to "chase" them or play hide and seek and peek-a-boo. He especially loves copying everything they do or doing anything he can to make them laugh (which isn't that hard - they think he is so silly!).

We love you so much, Lukey boy!! Stop growing up so dang fast!!!!

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