Photo dump - January/February

I seriously love checking in on them and coming upon scenes like this :) 
She must have been in this position for 30 minutes just watching TV ha! I wasn't feeling well this morning (took two birth control pills the night before because I missed a day and I think it made me sick to my stomach!) so we spent the better part of the morning/early afternoon chilling in front of the TV ;)

This kid looooves whipped cream!

Children's museum!!

Sweetest scene

When mom makes you try on a bow for sizing!

She is just the cutest thing!

Zoe looooves Luke so so much. She gives him so many hugs and kisses and is so protective & possessive of him. She spent this entire Costco trip just giving him hugs and kisses. He tolerates her so well haha

Busy season vibes

See my little photo op set up in between all the legos? HA

My dad was so nice and came to watch the kids for a night while I snuck away to a girls calligraphy night at a friend's house! 
The kids love the shape grid we drew on the driveway!

Met up with my BFF Kallie for a very late bday dinner ha! 
School pick up & the cutest little girlfriend

Playing with grandma ;)

Starbucks date

Take 2

Half the time they get along great; the other half they are enemies.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture but this just shows you how far I have come in parenting (and learning to let go). Zoe is wearing mismatched shoes and Phillip is in his jammies (of course)...the best part is that this is at the super uppity dermatology office I had an appointment at HAHA. I'm sure people thought all the thoughts. 

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