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Hello! I'm Marci, the girl behind the blog.
[this is the real deal, guys. this was taken two seconds ago while writing this post.
so if you see any photos of me that seem to look a LOT better, you can safely assume they were edited.]

This is my handsome hubby, Thomas, commonly known as "T" in this blog.

and THESE, my friends, are the little boys our world revolves around.
Meet Jack & Phillip.

T & I attended the same church growing up.
While we were too far apart in age to really be friends, he & my older sister were good friends.
After he returned home from his LDS church mission in Indonesia, my sister set us up.
We hit it off right away and started dating a few days before I graduated high school.
After our first summer together I headed off to BYU and, since T couldn't live without me, (haha, but seriously.) he applied to BYU and followed me out there winter semester.
We dated for a year and then he got down on one knee (at night, in my backyard, with the waterfalls going and the pool changing colors...it was romantic!) and asked me to marry him and of course I said YES.

We were married 2.5 months later in the summer of 2008 in the Sacramento LDS temple.

then we headed back to BYU so T could finish school.
We spent 4 married years cheering on the Cougars.

T plowed through 4 years of accounting classes, endless homework, 5+ hour exams, and a part-time campus job.
I coached a competitive girls' soccer team and job hopped every year (911 operator, Nanny, Christmas light installation company office manager, medical receptionist) earning money to put T through school and take us on a trip to Indonesia.

And then in July 2012 we welcomed our sweet baby Jack Jack to the family.

Four weeks later, with a Masters of Accountancy degree in T's hand, we moved back home to Sacramento to raise our family.

In January 2014 we welcomed our second little boy, Phillip.

T is an auditor for PwC and I stay home with the babes.
[my job is way better but his pays more]
In April 2013, we bought our very first house where we're so excited to raise our sweet boys and any other future littles who might come our way.

T loves...
watching ESPN
playing golf/basketball/anything competitive
playing Xbox
The West Wing
crunching numbers (ha)
addicting iPhone games
learning about animals...no, seriously. If you know him you'd never guess it.
It's sort of a dirty little secret. Don't tell him I told you.
eating meat & potatoes
& playing with Jack Jack.

I love...
hosting parties
& summer

Together we love
date nights
game nights [board games, card games, sports...]
camping once a year (haha)
Law & Order
Thai food
Jack & Phillip
family time
& Christ.


  1. Y'all are just too cute, and your little boys are just adorable!


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