Hey there! Thanks for hanging out with us as we write our story. We are the Wallaces and this space records the all the happenings from "The Wallace House."

Let me introduce our family.

Tom, but more commonly known around here as "Daddy," is an auditor/CPA, a very involved dad and a patient husband. He loves sports, mindless iPhone games, sushi and us. Not in that order ;)

I'm Marci. I love sewing, makeup, shopping, Target, soccer, babies (I mean, obviously), puppies, milkshakes and interior design. My sisters are my best friends. I run a beauty business (Lips by Marci) and I'm owner and designer of Jack + Andi, which is my 5th baby. I'm one of the lucky ones and I get to stay home and watch my little ones grow. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Our oldest, Jack, is 5. He dreams of one day having his own YouTube channel, he idolizes Mario, and he is one of the most sensitive, sweet, and obedient kids you will ever meet. He just started Kindergarten in the fall and is thriving in the public school system.

Phillip (3.5) is wild & loud, demanding & particular, loving & loyal. Give him a car or an action figure and he will be the happiest kid on the planet and entertain himself for days with that one toy. Philly sure gives us a run for our money most days but he has the sweetest heart which makes up for all the crazy.

Zoe (2) is our only girl. She holds her own surrounded by all these boys while still managing to be the girliest girl on the planet. She loves makeup, puppies, Barbies, new clothes, pajamas, anything with cupcakes or ice cream on it, babies and all things PINK. She starts more fights than anyone else in the house doesn't stand down. Stubborn & spicy but we like her that way.

Luke (just shy of 1!!) is our baby...for now. He screamed non-stop the first 6 months of his life with undiagnosed reflux and became a new baby after starting medication. The doctors kept blaming his cranky behavior on his fiery red hair but turns out the red hair is just for cuteness. It's as red as ever and he's now the sweetest, easiest little guy. He loves balls, mommy and lots of attention.

We love God, eating out, playing in the playroom, Disneyland, board games, spending time together and sweet treats.

Disclaimer: I started this blog when we were newly married and as a way to share updates with our families who lived a couple states away while we were at BYU. 

Later, I got caught up in the trendiness of blogging and lived for new views & new followers and spent hours on end making sure my little online space was perfect. 

Fast forward four kids and several years later and, while I still love interacting with readers, I don't write for them anymore. My focus is no longer to gain followers or have hundreds of views per post.

I've come to realize how much I love looking back on these early years of our babies' lives and remembering the easily-forgotten simple moments of everyday life. As life got busier and busier I simply stopped blogging because the pressure of busting out perfectly curated posts with perfectly edited pictures was overwhelming and just too time-consuming. After a two year off-and-on again (but mostly off again) relationship with my little space I realized how many memories I had missed recording simply because I didn't have time to make my posts "perfect." Since that realization, I've come back to blogging with the sole purpose of writing for ME and for my family. My posts may not always (or honestly, ever) be witty or unique or viral-worthy. My pictures may or may not be edited and may or may not all be the same width. But these moments with my babies will be recorded and that's all that really matters, isn't it?


  1. Y'all are just too cute, and your little boys are just adorable!


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