Your questions, answered.

How close in age are your kids?
Jack & Phillip are 6 days shy of 18 months apart, Phillip & Zoe are 16.5 months apart, and Zoe & Luke are also 16.5 months apart.

Did you mean to have your kids so close? / Were they all planned?
We waited four years after being married to start having kids and we always said that once we started we just wanted to have them back to back. So, yes, we always intended to have them very close. That being said, Luke came a teensy bit earlier than we were planning. Turns out you actually have to take your birth control pills for them to work...who knew ;)

Do you want more kids?
Our magic number is, and always has been, 5. But I am currently at my limit and that baby will be spaced a bit farther apart than the others. Also, don't quote me on that number because I'm starting to feel very sad that we are almost done. Good thing Tom won't ever read this because his jaw would drop and he'd break out in a cold sweat if he knew I was even hinting at having more than 5 😂

How did you & Tom meet?
We actually grew up together. We were in the same church congregation but several years apart in age so we weren't actually friends. Tom & my oldest sister are the same age and were friends throughout middle/high school and she actually set us up when she came home from college for a visit a week before I graduated high school. We dated that summer then I headed off to BYU while Tom stayed in Sacramento. I can't remember who but somebody told him that he'd better get out to Utah if he didn't want to lose me to another boy haha. He took that advice to heart, realized there was 2 days left until applications for winter semester were due, worked his butt off for 48 hours and got his application submitted just in time. He was accepted and headed out to Provo in January. We dated winter semester (with a few break-ups thrown in there, courtesy of me, since I was always afraid of commitment HA) and got engaged that April. We were married July of the same year and headed back to BYU with rings on our fingers. The rest is history.

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